Back Pain, Posture, and Your Health in Granite City

Back Pain, Posture, and Your Health in Granite City

Neck Pain

How many hours have you spent sitting today? Probably too much. It’s not news that sitting long hours is detrimental for your health. The pain in the back, shoulders, and neck caused by bad posture is there to remind you every so often. Unfortunately, most jobs require sitting long hours and it is impossible to lead the active lives most of us wish for. What to do when you’re stuck at the desk and cannot avoid the sedentary lifestyle? Good news is – there are some tricks that can help you survive in a digital world and prevent chronic back pain in Granite City. Here are five of them.

Make your workspace comfortable

Your office desk is the place where you spend one third of your day, so make sure it’s comfortable. Adjust your chair to be the perfect height – your knees should be slightly lower than your hips, or level with the hips, your wrists parallel to the floor when you use the keyboard. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed. Position your keyboard and the mouse in a way that will keep you away from leaning on one side while working. It’s also important that your computer screen is in line with your eyes, at arm’s length away and directly in front of you, so that your neck is relaxed and in a neutral position.

Use a telephone headset

Cradling the telephone between your head and neck can be practical when you spend a lot of time talking on the phone, however, your neck muscles will not be happy about it. To avoid putting the strain on your neck, start using a headset or placing your phone on speaker.

Uncross the legs

Sitting with the legs crossed whole day in the office might be ladylike, but it’s definitely not healthy. Apart from hampering proper blood flow, causing varicose veins, and decreasing circulation, it places unnecessary pressure on your spine, since sitting with your legs crossed puts your hips in a bad position. Keep your body happy by sitting with your feet flat on the floor!

Walk as much as possible

Get away from your work desk during the lunch breaks and take a walk, no matter how short it might be. Take the stairs instead of elevators, try to walk more and drive less. Even though it takes more of your time, the health benefits of walking are numerous, from better sleep and circulation, to weight loss. What’s more, a good walk really makes you feel amazing.

Visit your chiropractor regularly

Chiropractic care is a drug-free and surgery-free way to treat the consequences of living in a digital world. Chiropractors can help you tackle all problems caused by bad posture and sedentary lifestyle, such as neck and back pain, headaches, sciatica, and sleep disorders, in addition to providing advice on a more healthy lifestyle. The number of sessions you need depends on how healthy your body and habits are, but regular preventive maintenance program can do wonders for your well-being. Remember, happy body is a healthy body.


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