Corporate Posture Training in Granite City

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If your employees are suffering from back pain due to poor posture then corporate posture training in Granite City may be the answer!

In-Office Group Training - 1 Hour – Up to 10 Employees - $500

Learn fun and simple techniques to make your workday pain free, and more productive in this 1 hour in office training, you will learn better posture, why you hurt and what to about it, exercises and self remedies for your workday.

Office Workshop - Up to 10 Employees - $500

This program is designed to get the best out of your workstation, how to modify it, and a daily routine to follow to maximze daily function and reduce pain. 1 Hour long workshop is helpful to both your company and you! Talk to your HR director today, they would love for you to be more productive and have less work time loss.

Corporate Company Wellness Package – Office training - 1 Wellness Adjustment per Month, 10 Employees $795 - 10 to 20 Employees $1195

This is for the proactive companies looking to get the best out of there employees. we offer our either group training in office or at your work and then participants recieve an adjustment and treatment with reccomendations for optimal health.


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