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Welcome to Talley Chiropractic!


Here at Talley Chiropractic, we treat what your typical chiropractor would — including sciatica, neck pain, low back pain, and headaches…. we just like to do things a little differently.

We believe that through improved posture and fitness, you can decrease your pain and improve your overall health.
We believe that, ultimately, the best thing for your health isn’t medication or visits to the doctor, but simply movement.
Because of this, you won’t find many of the components that you typically see during a healthcare visit. You won’t see
white coats or scrubs. You won’t be kept waiting for 20 minutes or have trouble getting in for an appointment. You
won’t be here for an hour, only to see the doctor for 90 seconds. You will walk into a relaxed and friendly environment.
You will be greeted by staff that know your name and genuinely care how you are feeling. You will be given tools to
help reduce your pain and continue to improve your health, without prescriptions or medical equipment. You will be
stretched and adjusted, allowing you to move better and enjoy a pain-free life.

While our approach may not be typical of your average chiropractic experience, we can promise that it is worth it. If
you would like to see how one of appointments generally works, click here.